Jerry Nadler Torches Attorney General: ‘Bill Barr is Just a Liar’

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-NY) went all out on Wednesday, accusing Attorney General Bill Barr of lying and being a stooge for President Donald Trump.

In a wide-ranging conversation with CNBC’s John Harwood, Nadler offered his takes on whether Congress should impeach Trump. Nadler also defended his recent proclamation of a constitutional crisis by pointing to Trump’s “arrogating all power to the presidency,” his “neutering” of Congress, and his destruction of laws and standard political practices.

As Nadler took further questions about impeachment, he offered a scathing assessment of the president’s motives:

“I think he is very impulsive, he’s very willful, and he’s very ignorant. I mean, unlike Richard Nixon, who knew exactly what he was doing when he was violating the law and violating norms and so forth, he just goes ahead. He doesn’t know what the law is. He doesn’t know what the constitutional history is. He doesn’t know the implications of half of what he does.”

Nadler added that Trump is making it “increasingly difficult” to avoid the question of impeachment.

Speaking of Robert Mueller‘s report, Nadler added “there was tons of evidence” that Trump’s campaign “colluded” with Russia since they knew what was happening in 2016 and chose to go along with it.

Harwood noted that Barr has joined Trump in proclaiming “no collusion.” Nadler responded: “Bill Barr is just a liar. And, he’s just representing the president.”

When Harwood asked Nadler to elaborate, the congressman said Barr is either “doing whatever he has to do to protect the president personally,” or he really thinks the president cannot be charged for obstructing justice as long as Trump doesn’t believe he was deliberately doing something wrong. Nadler called the latter a “tyrannical theory” that would mean “you can’t investigate any president for doing anything. And that he is acting now to protect that point of view.”

“They’re both dangerous,” Nadler summarized. “One would have him being very dishonest, the other would have him being honest but very dangerous to the republic.”

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