Kayleigh McEnany Claims Her Freedom of Speech is Being Suppressed After Completely Whiffing on Questions About the White House


Kayleigh McEnany accused reporters of trying to deprive her of her First Amendment rights as she continues to blur the lines between her job as White House press secretary and Trump campaign operative.

For the past two weeks, McEnany has been mudding the waters of her official capacity by giving interviews to Fox News where she would be presented as a “Trump 2020 campaign adviser,” rather than a spokesperson for the executive branch. On Thursday, McEnany sent out a tweet claiming she “diligently” adheres to the Hatch Act, and grumbled that “reporters…are complaining about my First Amendment right to speech.”

When you enter government, you do not lose First Amendment rights. Hatch Act says to separate govt & political activity, which I diligently work to do. Reporters (who ironically have freedom of press embedded in the 1st Amendment), are complaining about my 1A right to speech!

McEnany’s statement comes shortly after she gave a new Fox & Friends interview where her political role was repeatedly rendered murky. After spouting off numerous evidence-free claims that mass voter fraud corrupted the 2020 election, McEnany was asked if Trump would allow President-Elect Joe Biden to start receiving the daily intelligence briefings he gets.

“That would be a question more for the White House,” said the White House press secretary.

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