Kayleigh McEnany Claims ‘Democrat Cities’ Will ‘Send The Left Out to Attack You’ if Biden Loses


On Monday, White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany cranked the fear-mongering up to 11 as she railed about how “Democrat cities” will be overrun by violent Joe Biden supporters in the aftermath of the 2020 election.

McEnany gave an interview to Fox & Friends, where she flouted the Hatch Act once again by getting introducing as a “Trump 2020 campaign adviser” rather than by her official White House capacity. Toward the end of the conversation, Steve Doocy asked McEnany about businesses in cities across the U.S. that are boarding up their storefronts and increasing security in the event of violent unrest after the election.

“What does that say to you about the state of America in 2020 that if a certain candidate is elected or reelected, people are going to, you know, rather than vote to impact change, they’re going to try to break a window?” Doocy asked.

“Notice what those cities have in common: they are all Democrat cities,” McEnany responded. “What are they saying with the boarding up and the civil unrest that they’re expecting? They’re saying if you don’t choose the left’s chosen candidate, we will send the Left out to attack you. That’s as close to extortion as you can get.”

McEnany continued by saying “Joe Biden has the power to say stand down to the to mob,” completely ignoring the fact that Biden has repeatedly condemned those who’ve used civil unrest as a cover for violence.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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