Obama Was So Impressed With George W. Bush Transition Leadership He Pledged to Treat Trump In the Same Manner


CNN’s Jeff Zeleny got his hands on a 700-page preview copy of part one (!) of Barack Obama’s memoir and is reporting on various bon mots throughout the day. We’ve covered a portion in which the 44th president bitterly calls out President Donald Trump’s divisive exploitation of racist themes. Obama also shared some genuinely kind and gracious words for his predecessor, George W. Bush.

During a morning appearance on CNN Newsroom, Zeleny shared another passage that is completely relevant to the news of this very moment: how capably the 43rd president helped lead a smooth transition to the Obama administration, which left the 44th president remarkably impressed.

Reading from a text, Zeleny quotes Obama’s writing, saying:

“Whether it was because of the respect for the institution, because of lessons learned from his father, bad memories of his own transition or just basic decency, President Bush would end up doing all he could to make the 11 weeks between my election and his departure go smoothly. I promised myself that when the time came I would treat my successor the same way.”

Zeleny goes on to explain how Obama writes in interesting terms about riding in the White House limousine for the first time, sitting next to his predecessor on the way to the Capitol Hill inauguration. Obama saw protestors holding signs attacking Bush that said  “indict him” and “war criminal,” which Obama found to be both unnecessary and lacking in grace in the final hour of his presidency.

These last-minute protests said a lot about the “divisions that were churning across the country and the weakening of whatever boundaries of decorum had once regulated politics,” Zeleny cited Obama.

Obama’s bipartisan praise for his successor’s patriotic leadership in the peaceful transfer of power is particularly notable as President Trump refuses to concede he lost an election that looks statistically impossible to flip and is instead focusing on what so far looks like baseless or isolated examples of voter fraud.

Watch above via CNN.

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