This Will Turn Out Well: Trump Considered Making Staffers Take Lie Detector Tests


Mandel Ngan/AFP/Getty Images

President Donald Trump reportedly considered making his staffers take lie detector tests in an effort to stop leaks.

According to POLITICO, which cited a “former White House official,” the president was “constantly” talking about lie detector tests.

“He’d be angry and ask, ‘Why can’t we stop these things?’” the former official claimed. “He wanted to polygraph every employee in the building to unearth who it was who spoke to the press.”

“It was something that was discussed and people were trying to placate the president and trying to show that they were taking it as personally and just as seriously as he was,” the unnamed official continued. “Taking that line of, ‘Oh yeah, we have to polygraph people’ was a way to ingratiate themselves with him, but it wasn’t an idea that ever went anywhere because it was absurd.”

POLITICO reported that the president’s “interest in polygraphing his own White House staffers began amid constant reports in the first six months of his presidency of infighting and his behind-closed-doors raging about various news stories — especially the Mueller investigation and how the firing of former FBI Director James Comey went down.”

“Each time, aides all the way up to the chief of staff level have been able to persuade him not to launch such a drastic step, arguing it would be counterproductive,” the news outlet detailed. “But since those early months, multiple former officials said, he has continued to regularly ask whether his staffers should be polygraphed.”

Former White House deputy ethics counsel Stefan Passantino even reportedly “took the lead on examining whether polygraphing employees was something that could legally be carried out,” and “concluded it was not a thing to do.”

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