Trump Spends Morning After Latest Shooting, With Hurricane on Horizon, Rage-Tweeting About Debra Messing


President Donald Trump is spending his morning watching Fox News and getting mad at Debra Messing while a hurricane bears down on the U.S. and in the wake of a shooting that left five people dead.

Trump said Messing thanked him for doing The Apprentice on NBC at an upfront “even calling me “Sir.””

He was apparently responding to a Fox & Friends Sunday segment on Messing praising an Alabama church for putting up an anti-Trump sign that said “a black vote for Trump is mental illness.”

The segment also discussed actor Eric McCormack and Messing calling on The Hollywood Reporter to name the people who attend a Beverly Hills-area fundraiser for Trump next month.

“It’s about this collectivist mindset in Hollywood,” host Jedediah Bila said during the segment hitting Hollywood. “They cannot handle diversity of thought. They’re so used to everybody stepping in line and so many Hollywood stars being afraid to come out because they’re afraid to be blacklisted.”

Trump also tweeted out a long quote from former Republican congressman Jason Chaffetz, who was also on Fox & Friends Sunday this morning.

Watch above, via Fox News.

[Featured Image via Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images]

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