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Jason Chaffetz

Jason Chaffetz on Trump Trashing Jeff Sessions Again: ‘Mind-Boggling’ and ‘Almost Embarrassing’

Jason Chaffetz Shills Again For Pal Romney: He Didn’t Even Ask For Trump’s Endorsement

Jason Chaffetz Makes Comical Defense of Romney’s Utah Senate Run: ‘He’s Got a Utah Driver’s License’

Chaffetz Suggests Political Equivalent of the ‘Death Penalty’ in Response to Sexual Misconduct

Jason Chaffetz ‘Disappointed’ in Boehner for Calling Him an ‘A*shole’

Boehner Unloads on GOP Lawmakers: ‘F*ck Jordan. F*ck Chaffetz. They’re Both A*sholes’

Jason Chaffetz Can’t Think of a ‘Single Thing That Would Have Prevented’ Vegas Shooting

Jason Chaffetz Rips White House Leakers: ‘They Need to Start Putting People in Handcuffs’

Jason Chaffetz Doubts Rod Rosenstein Will Prosecute Leakers: ‘Absolutely Zero Credibility On This’

Jason Chaffetz, Who Bailed Early From Congress, Rips Congress For Bailing Early

Jason Chaffetz Shames Homeless Man for Having Smartphone

Jason Chaffetz on Jared Kushner Senate Interview: What About Chelsea Clinton?

Jason Chaffetz Slams GOP For Inaction on Health Care: ‘We’ve Been Talking About it For Seven Years’

Fox News Signs Congressman Jason Chaffetz to A Contributor Role

Jason Chaffetz Receives Threatening Voicemail: ‘Prepare for the Battle Motherf*cker!’

Trey Gowdy Tapped to Replace Jason Chaffetz as Chair of House Oversight Committee

Jason Chaffetz Mocks Health Care ‘Sensationalism’ Seconds After Saying Obamacare is ‘Destroying People’s Lives’

Chaffetz on Whether Cable News Is in His Future: It’s a ‘Definite Maybe’

FBI Tells Chaffetz They Won’t Supply Comey Memos For Now, Citing Mueller Probe

Jason Chaffetz Does Not Deny That He’s Headed to Fox News

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