Jedediah Bila

Fox’s Jedediah Bila Shreds Trump: Shutdown ‘Completely Absurd and a Waste of Time’ if He Doesn’t Dig in

Fox & Friends on Yale Student Telling Peers to Document ‘White Boy’ Transgressions: ‘How is That Not Racist?’

Jedediah Bila Slams Kanye Critics: ‘There Has Been a Character Assassination Against This Guy’

Fox News Host Rips ‘Disgraceful’ Hillary Clinton For Rejection of Civility: ‘She Sounds Unhinged’

The Five Rips ‘Egomaniac’ Scarborough: ‘Completely Lost Your Mind’

Departing View Host Jedediah Bila Defends Sean Spicer: ‘Your Job is to Lie’

Jedediah Bila Makes Sudden Announcement That She’s Leaving The View (UPDATE)

‘That Doesn’t Work Here Mike’: Jedediah Bila Slams Huckabee for Trashing The View, Calling Co-Hosts ‘Irrational’

Maxine Waters Endorses White House Leaks: ‘I’m So Glad They’re Telling Us What’s Going On’

Joy Behar Says Megyn Kelly Should Go Ahead with Alex Jones Interview: ‘He Deserves to be Vilified’

John Kasich Has a Lot of Thoughts About Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, and Zayn

‘What the Hell!’: The View Reacts to Comey’s Alleged Memo About Trump

Joy Behar Encourages Voters to Oust Pro-AHCA Republicans in 2018: ‘They Can Run But They Can’t Hide’

‘She Lied to People!’: The View Hosts Spar Over Why Clinton Lost

Fox News Women Are Wearing Pants — Here’s Why That Matters

Whoopi Goldberg Openly Laughs at WH Assurance That Ivanka Won’t Solicit From Foreign Countries

The View Knows How Trump Can Pay for the Wall: Cover It With Sponsored Ads for Breitbart!

‘What the Hell?’: Whoopi Goldberg Slams Trump Comparing Ratings to 9/11

‘Bring a Little Class’: The View Scolds Sarah Palin For Picture With Hillary Clinton Portrait

That Kendall Jenner Pepsi Commercial Left Everyone in The View’s Studio Speechless

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