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Al Sharpton Blasts ‘Latte Liberals’ In Democratic Party, Says Black Voters Had Biden’s Back Because He Had Obama’s

Civil rights activist Rev. Al Sharpton claimed black voters kept former Vice President Joe Biden’s 2020 presidential campaign alive on Super Tuesday because “Biden stood by Barack Obama,” and called out “latte liberals” in the Democratic Party who are too “intellectual” for their own good on MSNBC, Wednesday.

After MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough said Biden did so well “because of black voters across the deep south that kept this campaign alive when everybody else considered it dead,” Sharpton replied, “No doubt about it.”

“When you look at what happened last night, even those of us that felt that he was being underestimated with black voters were stunned at how overwhelmingly he was supported, and you have to give a lot of credit to Jim Clyburn who has so much respect,” declared Sharpton. “I think that probably John Lewis and Clyburn and the late great Elijah Cummings is the one that transcends even age lines in terms of respecting the political culture of the black community.”

“The other thing you have to keep in mind is that people felt — I heard it over and over again, I heard it in Selma where Joe Biden and I spoke on Sunday at Brown Chapel — people said Joe Biden stood by Barack Obama. He stood by our guy, we’re going to stand by him,” Sharpton explained. “There’s an identity there in our community where we feel we’ve been counted out. Just because you count a guy out it doesn’t mean the fight is over.”

Sharpton concluded, “I keep saying a lot of the latte liberals are disconnected from the base of the Democratic Party, which is the African-American voters. That is, they care about how their kids are going to go to school, they care about bread and butter issues, they care about criminal justice, and a lot of the latte liberals are so intellectual. As we say in church, they’re so heavenly-bound they’re no earthly good.”

Watch above via MSNBC.

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