Alan Grayson Announces Run For Congress: ‘Washington Is Now Divided Between The Meanies And The Weenies’


Former U.S. Representative Alan Grayson paid a visit to The Ed Show, telling host Ed Schultz that, were he still in Congress, he would decidedly not vote for any cuts to Medicare or Social Security, and he would be “grabbing everybody else by the collar and telling them they should do the same.”

Furthermore, he suggests that a great way of cutting back would be to end our current wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya. He also offered deep criticism of both parties:

Washington is now divided between the meanies and the weenies; it’s the real two party system today in Washington, the meanies and the weenies. The meanies want to take Social Security and Medicare away from grandma and grandpa, and the weenies are quite willing to go along with it and “compromise.” Well, people need Social Security to live, and there’s no compromise between life and death, there’s no middle ground.

Grayson announced he is emphatically opposed to this sort of compromise, adding that he’d like to see Medicare expanded to cover dental work, hearing aids, etc. Schultz then asked, bluntly, “Is this President weak? Why isn’t he saying what you’re saying?” Grayson replied diplomatically:

He’s my President, he’s the leader of my party, so I don’t know exactly what to say. But I do know this: All of this compromise has not accomplished anything useful for anybody on our side. It hasn’t done any good at all. The President should be saying to people, “The Republican party is cruel. The Republican party is bigoted. The Republican party cares only about tax breaks for the rich.”

Grayson then announced, right there and then, that he’s running for Congress once again.

Watch the segment, via MSNBC:

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