White House: SCOTUS Nominee Kavanaugh Racked Up Credit Card Debt Buying Baseball Tickets, Paid It Off

Jared Kushner’s Debt Has Reportedly Gone Up by Millions Since Joining WH

Democratic Rep John Yarmuth Cheers Trump’s Debt Deal: Schumer and Pelosi ‘Totally Won It’ For Us

Trump Blames ‘Mitch M & Paul R’ Over Debt Ceiling: ‘Could Have Been So Easy-Now a Mess!’

Debt-Buying Organization Accuses John Oliver of Stealing Their Idea and Running With It

John Oliver Buys and Forgives $15 Million in Medical Debt For 9,000 Texans

Hillary’s Tweet Requesting Emoji Responses Predictably Backfires

Cruz Accuses GOP Senators of Debt Ceiling ‘Show Vote’

Fox’s Dobbs Tears into GOP Rep. Louie Gohmert: You Don’t ‘Control the Federal Government!’

Speaker Boehner Sings Uncle Remus Song After Announcing Debt Ceiling Deal

House GOP Abandons Debt Ceiling Demands

Sen. McConnell: GOP Will Attach Demands to Debt Ceiling Vote

Krauthammer: Repeal Insurance Industry Bailout Provisions and You Repeal Obamacare

Paul Ryan: GOP Will Make Demands in Exchange for Raising the Debt Limit

Obama Admin Drafted Memos on Trillion-Dollar Coin During Debt Ceiling Showdown

Palin Stands by ‘Slavery’ Remarks on CNN: ‘I’m Not One to Be Politically Correct’

Sharpton, Joan Walsh Unload on Palin for Slavery Remark: Feeding ‘White Grievance Industry’

‘This Isn’t Racist’: Palin Ignites Controversy by Comparing America’s Debt to ‘Slavery’

Obama Speaks After Senate Vote: Once House Passes, We’ll Reopen Gov’t ‘Immediately’

Ted Cruz Takes One Last Stand Against ‘Terrible Deal’ Before Senate Vote

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