comScore Alisyn Camerota Mocks GOP Rep’s Double Standards On Trump’s ‘Treason’ Claim: ‘That’s a Funny Line’

Alisyn Camerota Mocks GOP Rep’s Double Standards On Trump’s ‘Treason’ Claim: ‘That’s a Funny Line’

Rep. Chris Collins gave an interview to Alisyn Camerota Tuesday, and the CNN anchor grilled the congressman over President Trump calling his State of the Union critics “treasonous,” before eventually mocking his defense.

As the two discussed Devin Nunes‘ FISA memo, Camerota switched gears by asking Collins “is not clapping for a president at the State of the Union treasonous?” The New York congressman responded by calling it a “partisan” reaction on the Democrats’ part and slammed them for “sitting on their hands.”

After Collins said that Republicans were not so stoic during Barack Obama‘s national addresses, Camerota had him react to footage of stone-faced Republicans during the previous president’s speeches. Collins insisted Republicans were more “subdued” in those days, and in response Camerota brought up the moment when Congressman Joe Wilson (R-SC) interrupted Obama’s speech in 2009 speech by shouting “you lie!”

“That wasn’t very subdued,” Camerota deadpanned.

Collins’ response:

“No and in fact, you might get a chuckle, I suggested to Joe Wilson during president Trump’s address that he should stand up and shout ‘now that’s the truth.'”

After Camerota mocked Collins for the “funny line” she continued press him for saying Wilson’s outburst against Obama was less disrespectful than Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) leaving the chamber in the middle of Trump’s speech. Collins defended Wilson’s actions as an “emotional response,” and Camerota rolled her eyes as she thanked Collins for explaining the difference.

Watch above, via CNN.

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