An Emotional Anderson Cooper Tears Up on Air Covering Alarming Spikes in Covid Cases: ‘We Didn’t Do Enough’


CNN’s Anderson Cooper got emotional and teared up on air Friday talking about the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and the grim realities still facing millions of American families.

Cooper briefly covered President Donald Trump’s failures in his legal fight on the election before telling viewers, “There’s no point in getting all riled up about it. It doesn’t matter.”

The bigger picture, of course, is the pandemic, and Cooper noted yet another record high of covid cases in the United States.

There’s people in ICUs tonight fighting for their lives, fighting for each painful breath they can get. People who should not be there because we should have worn masks more, all of us, myself included,” Cooper said. “We should have social distanced more. We should have had leaders who took this seriously in the white house. This is what matters now.”

He got choked up as he continued, “There’s a kid at home right now scared to death because his dad is in the hospital and he doesn’t know if he’ll ever get to see him again. Do you know what that feels like? We didn’t do enough.”

“I cannot spend another second today concerned about what a grown man who lost fair and square isn’t ready to accept,” Cooper said. “I am not ready to accept there could be 400,000 dead Americans by the 1st of February. It does not matter that I can’t accept it… That’s the reality if we don’t do better.”

Cooper reminded viewers that before the election, the president of the United States was pushing nonsense about the U.S. was turning the corner on covid and how the media would stop talking about it after November 4th.

Not only did that turn out to be as flat-out false as expected, but numerous public health experts — including ones on the president’s own task force — have sounded the alarm about a new surge in cases and hospitalizations and emphasizing the importance of everyone continuing to follow best practices in the weeks and months ahead.

“While I sit here tonight not even thinking about how many breaths I am taking, there are thousands and thousands of people gasping for breath,” Cooper said. “And we must hear them. We must do what we can to help them.”

He said if the Biden team lies to the public and makes mistakes like the Trump team has, “we will report as diligently and aggressively about that as we have about this president’s failures and lies.”

“But at least the President-elect is talking about covid and has been all along. That matters,” Cooper said. “Wearing a mask matters. The president is doing everything he can to sabotage their efforts, of course.”

You can watch above, via CNN.

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