Anderson Cooper Slams Trump For Dismissing a Hydroxychloroquine Study as a ‘Trump Enemy Statement’

CNN’s Anderson Cooper opened his show Tuesday night saying that President Donald Trump is viewing the coronavirus pandemic through the prism of “himself, number one.”

“He underscored yet again that he seems to be treating this pandemic as just another battle in the ongoing war of him and him alone against his perceived enemies, whether it’s the press, the experts, or even today a study done under the auspices of government scientists. It’s a worldview in which none of what’s really happening truly matters except as it affects the president and his chances for reelection. Or even merely annoys him.”

Cooper went through a number of comments the president made to reporters earlier in the day on the pandemic and his announcement that he’s taking hydroxychloroquine, dismissing a study on the risks as a “Trump enemy statement.”

A stunned Cooper said, “Only in this time right now, I mean, only in this environment that we are living in could a study — a scientific study — been deemed by the president of the United States a Trump enemy statement. It’s just weird stuff.”

“The study wasn’t about Donald Trump at all, except as the president is choosing to make it. It was about the search for a treatment to stop a pandemic affecting the entire planet. I can guarantee you the doctors and the scientists who are actually interacting with patients every day, who are actually holding the hands and nurses who are holding the hands of people who die, I guarantee you, they’re not thinking about politics,” he continued.

You can watch above, via CNN.

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