April Ryan Fires Back at Sarah Sanders After Heated Briefing Clash: ‘I’m Not a Dummy’


After a tense exchange with White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, April Ryan came to talk with a panel on CNN and had to catch her breath.

“I’m just leaving the briefing room and I had to decompress. It was a moment,” Ryan said.

Just minutes before, Ryan characterized Sanders as being “blindsided” by Rudy Giuliani‘s comments on Fox, to which Sanders responded: “You don’t know much about me.”

“She took this personally and it was not a personal attack,” Ryan explained. “She was watching, she found out all of the information while she was watching Fox last night. So she was blindsided. This was not a personal attack on her. And for her to say something like, “You don’t know me,” that was very street.”

“I’ve been around 21 years at this White House, from the second term of Bill Clinton until the first term of Donald J. Trump,” Ryan continued. “I’ve seen impeachment, I’ve seen war, I’ve seen peace. So I understand the process. I’m not a dummy and do not discredit me.”

“But this is a real issue,” she said, changing the subject slightly. “It’s not about me, it’s not about her. It is about the fact that the president’s lawyer who was saying… a little bit more than a year or so ago that he was going to be the head of D.O.J., and he was talking so much, he never got anything, he never got a Cabinet position, and now he’s talking a lot again, but not talking to the right people in the White House to let them know what’s going on.”

“Rudy Giuliani has done harm to the president by going on Fox and putting more questions into the atmosphere,” she concluded. “And trust, Rob Mueller is watching all of this and taking notes.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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