April Ryan

Kellyanne Conway Had The Funniest Gaffe of 2018, Plus 12 Other Amazing Media Moments This Year

John Bolton Gets Testy When Asked Why He Hasn’t Listened to Khashoggi Murder Tape: ‘I Don’t Speak Arabic’

April Ryan: Trump Sends a Message When He ‘Denigrates Black Women’ So Much

CNN’s Nina Turner: Trump Calling April Ryan a ‘Loser,’ Abby Phillip’s Question ‘Stupid’ is Racial Stereotyping

April Ryan Defiant After Trump Calls Her ‘Loser’: ‘I Tried to Ask a Question About a Serious Issue’

CNN’s Toobin Rips Trump: Going After April Ryan, Abby Phillip Part of His ‘Constant Attacks on Black People’

April Ryan Feuds With Fox Host Trish Regan: ‘What You Reported is FAKE NEWS’

The View Shreds Trump For Attacks on WH Reporters: ‘Irresponsible, Offensive, and Condemnable’

Trump Blasts ‘Disgrace’ Jim Acosta, ‘Loser’ April Ryan, Suggests More Reporters Could Lose Credentials

CNN’s Dana Bash Eviscerates Trump For Accusing PBS Reporter of Racist Question: ‘I Don’t Even Know Where to Start’

Trump Battles With Reporters in Fiery Midterm Press Conference: ‘Such a Hostile Media’

CNN’s Brian Stelter Breaks Down the ‘Questionable Editorial Decisions’ in Kavanaugh Coverage

April Ryan: Based On My Sources, Brett Kavanaugh ‘May Lose The Confirmation’

Maher Trashes Lindsey Graham: He Needs the ‘Stabilizing Influence of His Dead Boyfriend’

April Ryan Accuses Trump WH Of Being Aggressive Towards Her Because She’s a Black Woman

April Ryan: This WH is ‘Trying to Kill My Career,’ But ‘I’m Just a Journalist Who is an Activist For Truth’

April Ryan Slams Trump for Inciting Media Hatred: ‘I Blame the President for This’

April Ryan Goes in On Sarah Sanders, Says She Should Pay For Her Bodyguard: ‘She Should be Ashamed’

April Ryan Slams ‘Evil’ Omarosa: Trump ‘Created This Monster’ That’s Now Turning on Him

Don Lemon on Sarah Sanders: Are You Supporting a Free Press If You ‘Spread Lies from the Podium’?

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