Arkansas Doctor Paints Heartbreaking Picture of Unvaccinated Covid Regret on CNN: ‘These Are My People. And They’re Dying’


Dr. Michael Bolding is an Arkansas-based physician who recently posted a video sharing his insights on what is actually happening as the delta variant of Covid-19 cuts through his community. This weekend, he appeared on CNN to discuss with Pamela Brown in what turned out to be an emotional warning to vaccine-hesitant viewers.

“We know this is the pandemic of the unvaccinated,” Brown noted before asking her guest to detail what he is seeing and hearing every day as he tends to these patients.

“I definitely represent thousands of very tired health care workers,” Dr. Bolding replied, adding, “I literally just came from a patient’s room in his 20s and it took six people to get him in a prone position on the ventilator, and we are seeing 20 and 30-year-olds dying now from a preventible illness. And it is heartbreaking.”

“You can’t be too healthy for this virus,” he continued. “We are seeing people that cross-fit on Tuesday and are on a ventilator on Friday. I can’t get the word out enough of what we’re seeing back here in these units.”

Brown returned to the patient Bolding mentioned. “That is so sad. The room of a 20 something-year-old. Is this person unvaccinated and has covid?” After the doctor confirmed, Brown asked, “And to the extent that you can talk to some of these people, what do they say to you in terms of regret? Do they talk about the misinformation that led them to not get the vaccine? What are you hearing from them directly?”

“We get a little jaded in health care sometimes when we see some of the very loud vocal minority that is absolutely anti-vaccine,” he replied.  After noting a recent increase in local vaccination rates, he added, ” I see someone daily for the last three weeks that is possibly dying, certainly very sick, that asks if they can get their vaccine. And it is heartbreaking to tell them that that time has passed. That was five to six weeks ago to prevent this.”

“And that is heartbreaking,” he continued. “I grew up in rural America. I’m, you know, I’m watching this kind of disparity between the unvaccinated and the increased mortality of our state and states similar to ours. And I can’t scream it enough. These are my people. And they’re dying. And it’s tragic. And it is very much a case of misinformation.”

Watch above via CNN.

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