Art of the Deal Ghostwriter: Trump’s ‘Holding America Hostage’ With Impulsive, Absent-Minded Tweeting

Art of the Deal ghostwriter Tony Schwartz appeared on CNN tonight to talk about President Trump‘s new battle with outgoing Republican senator Bob Corker.

Schwartz joined Cooper alongside New York Times‘ Maggie Haberman, and he refuted the notion of any grand strategy behind any of Trump’s most recent Twitter feuds. Instead, Schwartz determined that Trump doesn’t think because the angry Twitter counterpunching always happens whenever the president feels truly threatened.

“He’s no longer thinking, he’s just responding as if he were under attack––literally his life were under attack,” said Schwartz.

Haberman agreed that there’s no strategy to Trump’s tweeting, and she also pointed out indications that Corker is not the only GOPer dissatisfied with the president. Schwartz suggested that this could lead to an imminent catastrophe since Trump will be more likely to act irrationally if he continues to react to the “threat” of increased pressure.

“I just think that when he’s in that aroused state, when he is feeling under threat, he makes no distinction between true and not true. In that moment, he believes it’s true. You take what he said about Corker and it’s almost exactly the reverse is true. But in that moment he’s saying to himself ‘this guy, he wouldn’t listen to me, he didn’t get it.’ So he absolutely believed it in that moment, and it didn’t matter because he must mobilize all resources necessary to fight off the enemy in that moment. So that’s what’s scary is that he experiences the world as a global threat to him. Meanwhile, he’s holding us, and I really believe this, he is holding America hostage right now. He’s holding it hostage to his own impulsivity. We know if it goes this way or that way, the consequences could be literally millions of deaths.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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