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Bob Corker Expresses ‘Newfound Empathy’ For Trump’s Crusade Against ‘Fake News’

Wolf Blitzer Pushes Back After Bob Corker Vents About Interview: I’m Asking You Fair Questions

Senator Bob Corker Didn’t Read the GOP Tax Bill He’s Voting For: ‘I Never Saw the Text’

REPUBLICANS REJOICE: GOP Lawmakers Celebrate Democrat’s Alabama Victory Over Roy Moore

Bob Corker: Nominating Roy Moore ‘Was a Bridge Too Far’ Even Before Allegations Came Out

CNN’s Smerconish: What If Flake and Corker Ran as Independents Instead?

Chuck Todd: Would Corker and Flake Still Be Running If ‘Trump Were More Polite’?

Corker Dismisses Latest Trump Tweet Slamming Him as ‘Daily Silliness’

Trump Rips Corker, Flake: ‘Zero Chance’ of Reelection, Now They ‘Act So Hurt & Wounded’

Lindsey Graham to Trump, Corker, and Flake: ‘Knock It Off!’

Hannity Hits ‘Pathetic’ Corker, Flake: ‘Don’t Let The Door Hit You On The Way Out!’

Chris Matthews Says GOPers Can Only Be Honest When They Leave: We’re ‘Seeing Divorces Here’

GOP Rep. Says Trump Should ‘Lay Off Some of the Emotion on Twitter’

Corker: WH Staff Have Asked Me to Intervene When Trump Goes ‘Really Off The Tracks’

Paul Ryan Dismisses Trump-Corker ‘Twitter Dispute’: ‘Forget About It’

Corker Unleashed: Trump Will Be Remembered for ‘Debasement of Our Nation’

Sen. Bob Corker Strikes Back at ‘Utterly Untruthful’ Trump: ‘#AlertTheDaycareStaff’

Trump Slams ‘Liddle Bob Corker’ on Twitter: ‘He Doesn’t Have a Clue’ (UPDATED)

Sen. Corker Blasts Trump on Foreign Policy: ‘Leave it to the Professionals for a While’

Sen. Jeff Flake on Corker’s Rebuke of Trump: ‘A Lot of Us Shared That Concern’

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