Bob Corker

Trump Rages Against ‘Little Bob Corker’ and Top ISIS Envoy Who Quit: Sent Iran ‘1.8 Billion Dollars in CASH’

GOP Sen. Bob Corker Snaps Back at Trump’s Jab: #AlertTheDaycareStaff

Trump Unleashes on Bob Corker: ‘Poll Numbers TANKED When I Wouldn’t Endorse Him’

GOP Senator Bob Corker ‘Saddened’ and ‘Devastated’ By Syria Withdrawal: ‘This One Matters’

Corker Rips ‘Tyranny’ of Trump’s Shutdown: ‘Talk-Radio Hosts’ Are Influencing POTUS

Corker: Trump Syria Decision May Be ‘Even Worse’ Than What Obama Did in Iraq

Bob Corker is Not Ready to Say if Trump Should Be Primaried in 2020

Bob Corker: Saudi Crown Prince ‘Would Be Convicted in 30 Minutes’ for Khashoggi Murder

Bob Corker: Response to Saudi Arabia Tells World Leaders ‘They Can Get Away With Killing’ Dissidents

Bob Corker: Saudi Crown Prince Clearly ‘Directed’ Khashoggi’s Murder and Knew All About It

Sen. Bob Corker Unleashes on ‘Out of Control’ Saudi Crown Prince After Briefing With Pompeo and Mattis

Republican Lawmakers Condemn Trump’s ‘Saudi Arabia First’ Statement: ‘What is Becoming of America?’

Bob Corker Defends Migrant Caravans: ‘I Don’t Approve’ of GOP ‘Using Fear to Stimulate People’

After Beto, Who Will be the Next Punk Rock Lawmaker?

BREAKING: GOP Senators Reportedly Told To Expect a Kavanaugh Confirmation Vote This Weekend

Dozens Arrested During Kavanaugh Protests on Capitol Hill: ‘We Believe Women!’

Corker Confronts Pompeo on Trump’s ‘Damaging’ Statements: ‘You Are Not Responding to What I’m Saying’

Corker Dresses Down Trump in Pompeo Hearing: He ‘Appeared Submissive and Deferential’ to Putin

Sen. Bob Corker Blasts Trump Over Summit: Putin’s ‘Having Caviar Right Now’

Fox News’ Chris Stirewalt: Trump is Gonna Fly Into NATO ‘Like a Seagull’ and ‘Defecate All Over Everything’

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