Maggie Haberman

Maggie Haberman Blasts Trump’s Claim Her NY Times Report is ‘Fake News’: ‘That’s a Lie’

Trump Seems to Suggest He’s Set to Declare National Emergency in NY Times Interview: Wall Talks a ‘Waste of Time’

Maggie Haberman on Trump Dumping Giuliani Amid Media Blunders: ‘Absolutely Not Going to Happen’

Covington Catholic Families Hire MAGA Attorney Who Just Vowed on Fox & Friends to Sue ‘Maggie Haberstam’

Maggie Haberman: Jared Kushner Is Effectively Running the White House

Maggie Haberman: Trump Didn’t Want to Give Oval Office Speech and Thinks Trip to Border is Waste of Time

Maggie Haberman: ‘Not a Coincidence’ Sean Hannity is Floating Trump Being Open to DACA-Border Wall Deal

Maggie Haberman Dismisses Trump’s Latest Rage Tweets: ‘He Has Devalued the Currency of His Words’

Maggie Haberman: ‘Disgusted’ Republicans Now Privately Admitting They Regret Supporting Trump

NY Times’ Maggie Haberman: Today’s Bombshell News ‘Politically Very Damaging for the President’

TEAM OF VIPERS: Ousted Trump Aide Reportedly Nabs Seven-Figure Advance For White House Tell-All

NY Times’ Maggie Haberman Fact-Checks Trump Claim They Didn’t Ask Him for a Quote on Pence Report

Trump’s Campaign Manager Reportedly Wanted Roseanne to Appear at Rally After Her Firing

Maggie Haberman: Trump Has ‘Been Warned Repeatedly,’ Russians and Chinese Are Listening When He’s on His Cell

Fox News’ John Roberts Steps Back From Twitter ‘In Solidarity With’ Maggie Haberman

NYT’s Maggie Haberman on Scaling Back Twitter Use: It’s Become an ‘Anger Video Game’ in the Trump Era

Sarah Sanders Says Trump Will Discuss Helping Russia Question Former US Ambassador

Trump’s Campaign Manager Uses a Kim Kardashian Comment About POTUS to Swipe at the Media

NYT’s Haberman to Critics Who Say She’s Not Calling Out Trump Lies: I’m Not Writing ‘For People’s Twitter Pleasure’

Falsehoods or Lies? Twitter Debate Rages Over NYT’s Maggie Haberman Not Using ‘Lie’ to Call Out Trump

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