Bob Woodward: AG Barr Will Be Remembered for the Deception and Misrepresentation of the Mueller Report

Legendary journalist Bob Woodward joined the chorus of very tough words for  Wiliam Barr Friday morning, the day after the Attorney General held a press conference 90 minutes before the release of the highly anticipated Mueller Report.

Woodward’s standing in both the journalistic and political world could not be higher, and not just for his historic investigative work surrounding the Watergate scandal that led to the resignation of President Richard Nixon, but because he has written extremely critical accounts for presidents of both parties. So his insights and analysis cannot be easily dismissed as “political hackery.”

Appearing on Morning Joe, Woodward echoed thoughts shared by host Joe Scarborough at the open of the Friday morning show, who called Barr’s “pathetic performance” both “humiliating” and shameful.

Woodward said that AG Barr’s legacy has forever been ruined, that he will forever be remembered for the deception and misrepresentation of the Mueller Report.

Watch above via MSNBC.


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