Chris Christie: Recent Allegations ‘Extraordinarily Unfair to Judge Kavanaugh’


The political news narrative battle of this week has emerged and it appears to be entirely focused on the possible confirmation of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh in light of recent allegations of sexual assault from 35 years ago.

On the left, we see a Democrats who are arguing for at least an investigation to delay confirmation until after the midterm elections (which would effectively derail Republican efforts to top the balance of the Supreme Court to a conservative tilt.)

The position of the right seems best explained by former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who during an appearance on Good Morning America, criticized what he saw as the questionable conduct of Democratic Senator Diane Feinstein, who raised eyebrows by delivering an accusatory letter in the 11th hour of the confirmation process.

Noting that the events in question occurred decades ago, Christie dismissed them saying “This couldn’t be a criminal case right now. The statute of limitations has long passed, but they can do a background investigation.” Of course, this isn’t a criminal investigation but rather a judicial confirmation process for the highest court, but his point was made.

Christie then summed up his feelings:

But I think the other thing that we would talk about, and obviously the professor here needs to be heard, needs to have her allegations looked at, but also this is extraordinarily unfair to Judge Kavanaugh. This is an allegation that is 35 plus years old, and now you’re going to attempt to try to deal with that in a very truncated period of time. This is why people are reluctant to get in front of those committees, George, and sit down for Senate confirmation, because of this kind of bloodletting.

Watch the clip above, courtesy of ABC.

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