Chris Christie Warns Texas Lawmakers Who Voted Against Sandy Relief: ‘Don’t Play Politics’


New Jersey Governor Chris Christie had stern words for Texas lawmakers that voted against the Hurricane Sandy relief package in 2012, but are now asking for emergency federal funding for Tropical Storm Harvey.

Christie was asked on Fox & Friends Wednesday morning about the controversy surrounding how low it took for federal aid to reach New Jersey and New York after Hurricane Sandy devastated the East Coast, and what Texas can learn from that response.

“What they can learn is don’t wait 66 days to deliver aid to people who are suffering and dying,” Christie said. “Don’t play politics with this, don’t connect it to anything else.”

Christie also warned Republicans in the Senate against using relief as a debt ceiling bargaining chip: “Do not do it, because what will happen is politics will infect this. And you look at what you saw on the screen this morning? There is nothing Republican or Democrat about the water that is in that Port Arthur recovery center.”

Texas Senators Ted Cruz and John Cornyn have requested emergency federal funding to help with relief efforts in the wake of Harvey, a storm that has so far left 30,000 people displaced. But just five years ago, those same lawmakers voted against federal relief for Sandy.

When asked recently about his vote against Sandy relief, Cruz alleged the relief bill was “filled with unrelated pork” — a claim that was refuted by the Washington Post.

The Fox & Friends hosts later in the interview asked Christie about Cruz’s “pork” comments:

“Senator Cruz’s accusation that two thirds of the Sandy bill was pork is absolutely ridiculous,” Christie said.

The governor said the lawmakers that voted against Sandy relief were trying to prove their conservative credentials in an election year.

“The fact of the matter is there is not a liberal or conservative way to deal with people who are drowning and dying,” Christie continued. “We need to get aid to them. That’s what the federal government is there for.

“I’m urging the members of Congress of New Jersey: don’t hold a grudge. Let’s go forward, let’s vote yes.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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