Chris Cuomo and Rudy Giuliani Fight for Almost 30 Minutes on Mueller Report: It Exposed Trump’s Lies!


CNN’s Chris Cuomo faced off with Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani for close to 30 minutes tonight about the Mueller report.

Cuomo introduced Giuliani as one of the people who likely saved President Donald Trump from himself before asking about the Trump team’s expected counter-report.

Giuliani said it’s ready and they’re going to put it out soon.

Cuomo went to his big screen and asked Giuliani if he’ll apologize on Trump’s behalf for “denying Russian interference all along, lying to the American people about it, and will you apologize on his behalf because we now know dispositively there was was Russian interference, they wanted to help the president, and his campaign tried to get the benefit of that.”

Giuliani laughed and said the issue of collusion has already been put to bed.

Cuomo showed video of Trump saying he didn’t think Russia interfered in the election and asked if he’s going to apologize for that.

Giuliani dismissively said that he doesn’t want to speculate, adding, “I do a certain amount of work in the area of cyber security and these determinations are percentages. So I haven’t seen the report on Russia. I doubt it’s 100%. Probably a very high percentage I assume.”

At one point Cuomo said it’s clear there were a list of things Trump “lied about” and things he dismissed as a hoax or “fake news.” He went down a list of examples and Giuliani objected to him taking the word of Michael Cohen on the issue of business dealings in Russia.

They fought for several minutes on the signed letter of intent regarding Trump Tower Moscow.

Cuomo moved onto Trump telling Don McGahn to deny he ever ordered him to fire Mueller, saying, “That is a lie.”

“No, it isn’t a lie!” Giuliani exclaimed.

He called Mueller’s actions “unethical” for putting all this out there “with no evaluation of credibility.”

They shouted back and forth over whether there were lies from Trump and his team, with Giuliani decrying the “phony story” against POTUS and complaining that “what the special counsel did is so unfair.”

Cuomo said many people on Team Trump “did a lot of sneaky stuff that they knew was wrong and that’s why they lied about it.”

He named the Trump Tower meeting and the claim that it was about adoption. “It was about adoption!” Giuliani said.

“Oh, please,” Cuomo said.

During a spat over Michael Flynn, Giuliani got a little testy and said, “Chris, if we’re going to start making moral judgments about everybody in public office, we’ll have nobody in public office.”

And they weren’t even close to done there.

You can watch the whole thing above, via CNN.

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