Chris Wallace Says There’s a Problem With Mail-In Voting, But It’s Not the One Trump Talks About…


Fox News’ Chris Wallace said Friday that there is a problem that comes with the large amount of mail-in voting expected to happen in the November election, but it’s not fraud, as President Donald Trump has been talking about.

Wallace talked about the state of the race — including some optimism from Team Trump about their chances in Minnesota — before Bill Hemmer asked about how mail-in voting could impact the election.

The Fox News Sunday anchor argued the problem with mail-in voting isn’t the risk of fraud, but the risk of disenfranchisement:

“I have always felt that the real concern about mail-in voting is not what the president says, which is fraud, it’s that people are going to be disenfranchised, that, as you pointed out, ballots will be disqualified because they come in too late or the signatures don’t match up or there’s some irregularity. I think that’s a much greater concern. Not saying disenfranchised in the sense that someone is purposely trying to prevent groups of people from voting, but just because we haven’t done it, a lot of people will be doing mail-in voting for the first time, they’ll mess it up and their vote won’t count. I think that’s the biggest potential problem with mail-in voting.”

And the additional problem is, Wallace added, that in some states the results will be very narrow and the number of ballots that get thrown out “could be the ones that make the difference.”

They also briefly talked about Joe Biden’s Thursday night town hall and Wallace said the Democratic nominee “had a much easier evening in terms of the questions posed on CNN than President Trump had in the questions that were posed to him on ABC.”

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