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Mediaite Presents Our Ranking of The Best Cable News Shows, Hour-By-Hour: 10-Noon.

FNC’s Bill Hemmer Grills RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel Over Party’s Election Prospects: ‘The Midterms Could Be Really Tough’

Kris Kobach Says Voter Fraud a Nationwide Issue Despite Weak Evidence: No Proof Is Ever Enough For Liberals

Mediaite Presents Our Ranking of The Best Cable News Shows, Hour-By-Hour: 9 A.M.

Fox’s Bill Hemmer to White House Aide Mercedes Schlapp: ‘You Need to Go On Offense’ Against Media

Brian Stelter on the Post-White House Prospects For Sarah Sanders: I Don’t Think She’ll Have Many Job Offers

GOP Rep. DeSantis on Blowback For Calling Ocasio-Cortez ‘This Girl’: I ‘Don’t Care If She’s An Eskimo’

Fox News’ Hemmer and Marie Harf Clash Over Trump’s Iran Threat: People Don’t Want Their Kids ‘Going to War’

Kellyanne Conway Bristles as Fox’s Hemmer Presses on Russian Meddling: ‘Foolish’ to Go Back to 2016

Bash for Dan Abrams’ New Book Lincoln’s Last Trial Draws Media Heavies

Dem Senator Wants Don Jr. to Testify Again: I’m ‘Concerned’ He Lied About Foreign Contacts

Fox News’ Bill Hemmer Grills Rudy Giuliani For Attacks on Government: ‘Where Does This End?’

Kellyanne Conway Denies That She’s The White House Leaker: ‘That’s a Ridiculous Notion’

Rand Paul Calls Mueller Probe a ‘Witch Hunt,’ Admits He ‘May Not Have’ Felt the Same About Ken Starr in the ’90s

Corey Lewandowski Hits White House For Handling of Rob Porter Abuse Allegations: ‘Failed’

Paul Ryan Tears Into Senate Dems as Shutdown Looms: ‘Legislative Arson’

Sarah Sanders Rips Dems Over ‘Real Collusion With Russia’: ‘Hypocrisy at the Highest Level’

Fox News Chris Stirewalt: Trump Is ‘A Reality Show Host Who Likes a Cliffhanger’

Seb Gorka: We Can Pressure China With ‘The President’s Twitter Feed’

Bill Hemmer Confronts Huckabee Sanders On Trump Tweets: ‘More Personal Than It Needs To Be’

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