Bill Hemmer

Sarah Sanders Rips Dems Over ‘Real Collusion With Russia’: ‘Hypocrisy at the Highest Level’

Fox News Chris Stirewalt: Trump Is ‘A Reality Show Host Who Likes a Cliffhanger’

Seb Gorka: We Can Pressure China With ‘The President’s Twitter Feed’

Bill Hemmer Confronts Huckabee Sanders On Trump Tweets: ‘More Personal Than It Needs To Be’

Sean Spicer: Trump’s ‘Tapes’ Tweet Made Comey Think ‘I Better Tell the Truth’

Sorry Tammy Bruce, But Your Apology for Mocking a 10-Year-Old Rings Extremely Hollow

Fox News Contributor Tammy Bruce Apologizes for Comments About ‘Snowflake’ 10-Year-Old Boy

Mom Tells CNN’s Tapper She Wants an Apology From Fox News for Mocking Her Son

‘Follow the Facts’: Fox News’ Bill Hemmer Warns Against ‘Sloppy Reporting’ During Trump-Comey Blow Up

Huckabee: Totally Normal For Politicians to ‘Say Stuff in Campaigns They Know They Can’t Hold Up’

Conway: President is ‘Very Confident’ American Health Care Act Will Pass

‘It Has Been a Really Tough Day’: Hannity Speaks About Death of Former Co-Host Alan Colmes

Bill Hemmer Seemingly Defends Trump Against Fox News Contributor in Bizarre Exchange

Megyn Kelly Dishes on Everything She Learned From ‘Ultimate Gentleman’ Bill Hemmer at Fox News

It’s ‘Utterly Responsible’: Chris Wallace Responds to Report on Investigation Into Russian Hacking

PICTURES: Mediaite ‘Most Influential in News Media’ Party Draws Big News Stars

Donald Trump Makes Rare Call-in to Fox’s Dayside News Programming

Fox News Guest Breaks Down Discussing Trump’s ‘Sexual Assault’ Language: ‘It’s Just Not OK’

Why Do You Think Fox & Friends Deleted This Tweet…?

Take One Guess Which Network Didn’t Cover the Alton Sterling News Conference

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