CNN Panel Explodes Over Trump-Pelosi Feud: ‘How Low is the Bar Here?’

Former Trump campaigner and CNN political commentator David Urban doesn’t think President Donald Trump should have shared the doctored video of Nancy Pelosi.

Speaking with Anderson Cooper Friday night, Urban said this: “Look, I don’t think anybody should be sharing videos that are deceptively edited, clearly. It’s like, look, it’s not a good look.”

Yet, that doesn’t mean he thinks Pelosi should be called out too especially after she said the president needs an “intervention.”

After fellow panelist Bakari Sellers was asked his views about the Trump-Pelosi feud, Urban could not hold back.

Sellers noted that he remembers “a time when we were talking about Barack Obama’s decorum in the White House and that was because he liked dijon mustard and wore a tan suit. The disrespect that Donald Trump shows for the presidency is not anything new.”

That prompted Cooper to remind: “Nancy Pelosi is — I mean, she’s playing into this, as well, saying the president needs an intervention.”

Sellers replied: “I think that what Nancy Pelosi is going off of is what many people say is that the president behaves in a manner in which draws some concern…”

Urban wasn’t having it.

“Oh, come on, Bakari!” Urban snapped back. “Come on, Bakari, you can call her out. You can say — be brave, Bakari. Be brave and say she shouldn’t have said that.”

“You have someone who acts like a petulant child and threw a temper tantrum,” Sellers replied, not taking the bait.

“Bakari, just say that Nancy Pelosi shouldn’t have said it either,” Urban taunted. “It’s okay, Bakari. You’ll feel better.”

Cooper then asked Sellers if he thought that Trump needed an intervention.

Sellers said he did and Trump’s friends — if he has any — are enabling him.

“How about me, Bakari?” Urban then snapped.

Then, a few minutes later, Sellers got his own dig in.

“I mean, we’re giving out props for individuals who say the president is wrong for sharing deceptively edited videos.” Sellers said, referring to Urban’s earlier remarks. “How low is the bar here? Thank you for showing up, David.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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