CNN Panel Goes Off the Rails: ‘How Dare You Tell an American Citizen They Must Go Away!’


A CNN panel went off the rails after Kayleigh McEnany slammed Rep. Ilhan Omar for “not condemning al-Qaeda” and suggested that if she “hates’ the country, she should leave.

McEnany is the National Press Secretary for Trump’s 2020 re-election campaign.

Things started to get heated on Wednesday night’s Cuomo Primetime after former Michigan governor Jennifer Granholm defended the female members of Congress, including Omar, who have been targeted by Trump in recent comments.

“It is un-American to call out these women and say send them back,” Granholm said, echoing the words chanted at Trump’s rally just hours before. “It is — what is this country?”

McEnany said that was “absurd.”

“It’s un-American because they are American,” Granholm pressed on. “They are Americans. It’s un-American to say send them back.”

Then after some back and forth, McEnany asked Granholm — framing it by saying she had been asked to answer an absurd hypothetical about whether or not she would support a known racist — this question: “Will you condemn Ilhan Omar for not condemning al Qaeda?”

Granholm shot back that while she didn’t know what Omar said about al-Qaeda, “That woman is an American and you can’t say send her home.”

“She says America is responsible for 9/11 and terrorism, we’re responsible for that and she won’t condemn al Qaeda, that is un-American,” McEnany tried.

Granholm then pressed McEnany if she thinks Omar should “be sent back to Somalia?”

“If you hate this country so much,” McEnany began, before suggesting that if she hates the country she should “leave it and allow an immigrant who’s dying to be here and take advantage of the American Dream.”

“How dare you tell an American citizen they must go away,” Granholm scolded before the debate raged on.

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