Jennifer Granholm

‘I’m So, So Sad for America Tonight’: CNN Panel Blows Up Over Trump Speech

MSNBC Host Asks Women if They Feel Connection to Hillary, They Bellow Back ‘No!’

‘Facts Do Matter’ — CNN’s Don Lemon Chides Trump Supporter Trying to Defend Birtherism Lies

CNN’s Keilar: Clinton’s ‘Quick Little Interviews’ Can’t Substitute for a Press Conference

Clinton Surrogate Accidently Denounces Trump Supporter For ‘Cock-Blocking’ Protester

Granholm Goes Off the Rails in DNC Speech, Turns It Into Trump Roast: ‘You’re So Vain…’

Hillary, Sanders Surrogates Duke It Out: Clintons ‘Insulting’ Young Activists!

Clinton Surrogate: Fox News Partly to Blame for Untrustworthy Hillary ‘Myth’

MSNBC’s O’Donnell Laughs as Granholm Claims Clinton’s Answered Questions on Email Story

The War Room’s Michael Shure Dishes On Current TV, Tom Brokaw, And Dan Abrams

TV And Film Personalities Who Became Politicians (And Vice Versa)

Limbaugh Goes After Al Jazeera’s Current TV Purchase: Will Joy Behar Have To Wear Burka On-Air?

Current TV Reportedly Considering Putting Itself Up For Sale

Pelosi’s Advice To Biden Ahead Of V.P. Debate Consists Of One Word: ‘Women’

Current TV’s Jennifer Granholm Predicts President Obama Will Lose First Debate

Jon Stewart: 2008 Obama Lifted People’s Spirits, Now He’s Trying To Drag Us Down To Earth

S.E. Cupp, Touré Pan Jennifer Granholm’s ‘Weird,’ ‘Out Of Control’ Speech

Fox & Friends Asks: Was Jennifer Granholm’s Speech Too Reminiscent Of Howard Dean’s?

Jennifer Granholm: In Romney’s World, ‘Cars Get The Elevator And Workers Get The Shaft’

John Fugelsang Looks To Rattle Cages And Fake Christians At Current TV

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