CNN’s Baldwin Reacts to WH Admission of Trump’s False GDP Claim: ‘Are Pigs Flying?’

CNN’s Brooke Baldwin literally can’t believe the White House just admitted that President Trump said something provably false on Twitter.

When White House chief economic adviser Kevin Hassett led today’s press briefing, he admitted that Trump was factually inaccurate today when he tweeted this about the state of the GDP:

Hassett explained this by saying he doesn’t know where that number came from, and somebody “added a zero” when they weren’t supposed to. Since Hassett said the administration is “grateful” when corrected by the media, Baldwin conveyed her utter disbelief to Bloomberg’s Margaret Talev when asking for reaction.

“Are pigs flying somewhere,” Baldwin asked sarcastically.

Talev responded by saying Hassett might be “the right guy to bring out every single time” the administration gets wrapped up in controversy. Mark Preston was also on, and he said Hassett did well for Trump by “deflecting, distracting,” and putting the blame on the president’s advisers.

Watch above, via CNN.

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