CNN’s Brianna Keilar Calls Out Andrew Cuomo Over Nursing Home Deaths: We Invited Him on the Program ‘But He Declined’


New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is facing intense criticism over a stunning new report from state Attorney General Letitia James’ office that nursing home deaths in the state were seriously undercounted.

CNN’s Brianna Keilar dove into the serious allegations, starting the segment by noting the governor “received accolades” early on and wrote a book about his leadership during the pandemic back in October.

But after showing a montage of Cuomo talking about facts, Keilar said, “There has been a controversy around his leadership during the pandemic in his state that has been difficult for the governor to shake, and that is his handling of coronavirus deaths in nursing homes.”

She showed video from the past few months of Cuomo “try[ing] to swat away criticism” by claiming the death toll “was better than most states.”

Cuomo claimed on at least one occasion that Cuomo is “46 out of 50” on nursing home deaths, but as Keilar said, “That ranking was skewed. New York was leaving out casualties that many other states were counting.”

After noting a denial from New York’s state health commissioner, Keilar reviewed the current tally of suspected and confirmed nursing home deaths and called out Cuomo’s “insistence that other factors like nursing home staff, inadvertently bringing the coronavirus into facilities contributed to the deaths of nursing home residents, and a memo issued by his health commissioner in the early days of New York’s outbreak is not to blame.”

She shared the account of one man who testified at a hearing months ago about his mother’s death in a New York nursing home. Jerry Maldonado said this was a “preventable crisis” fueled by “poor public policy decisions” including that March directive.

Keilar contrasted conclusions from the AG report with claims Cuomo made when previously questioned about nursing home deaths, and she took on one of the arguments Cuomo has made in response to these questions — that it’s supposedly all about politics.

“While true that President Trump and Republicans used the crisis to score political points against a Democratic state and its Democratic governor, the heat came from both sides. The new AG report comes from a Democratic attorney general. Letitia James, who was endorsed by Cuomo in her election, which she won, and Cuomo also fundraised for James,” Keilar said.

“Most importantly,” she added, “the criticism comes from grieving families who have lost loved ones.”

Keilar told viewers, “We did invite Governor Cuomo to join us today, but he declined.”

She showed what Cuomo said earlier Friday trying to once again say this is just a “political attack.”

Keilar reiterated, “Again, we welcome Governor Cuomo on the program.”

You can watch the full segment above, via CNN.

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