comScore Poppy Harlow Questions Steve Bullock Candidacy as White Male

CNN’s Poppy Harlow Mocks David Urban for Saying Gov. Bullock ‘Looks the Part’: ‘He’s Another White Man?’


During yet another segment of Democratic debate analysis, CNN’s pro-Trump pundit David Urban went out of his way to laud Montana Governor Steve Bullock for what he deemed to be an impressive introductory performance on Tuesday night.

Urban shared with anchor Poppy Harlow how he met Bullock and told him that he hopes “he never sees him again” because he was so impressed with his performance that, as a conservative, he was frightened by his potential to defeat President Donald Trump. “He looks the part, he sounds reasonable” he noted, adding “he’s a very bright guy, and he’s governing, he’s wanted in a state Trump is wanted in.”

Harlow took exception with the “look the part” comment, saying “can I just push you on that, when you say ‘looks the part’ what do you mean he’s another white man?”

Urban gracefully laughed off the identity politics dig, clarifying that Bullock “looks like he’s cast from Hollywood,” comparing him to actor Bill Pullman in Independence Day.

In case her question was confused by any viewer, Harlow added: “Because you know America is much more diverse, and America is itching for a diverse president.”

It’s not exactly clear how a single presidential candidate can be “diverse,” nor is it clear why Harlow is suggesting that a white male candidate might not able to govern the cultural mosaic of these United States of America. Nor is it clear why a news anchor appears to be dismissing the viability of a candidate because of their race and gender, but that’s where we are now.

Watch above via CNN.

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