Poppy Harlow

Rep. David Cicilline Bristles When Asked If Democrats are Moving Too Far Left: ‘Silly’ Argument With ‘No Evidence’

BREAKING: Parent Company of National Enquirer Responds to Jeff Bezos: AMI ‘Fervently Believes It Acted Lawfully’

Howard Schultz Slams Warren’s Wealth-Tax Idea: It’s a ‘False Campaign Promise to Make Noise’

Watch: Trump Chief Economist Says Shutdown Could Result in ZERO Growth if it Continues

Dem Congresswoman Katie Hill: I Will Vote to Fund ‘Physical Barriers’ at Border

Brian Stelter on Trump: ‘That Guy on Twitter is Not the President, That’s a Fox News Host’

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer Points Out ‘One Thing in Common’ With Bomb Targets: All ‘Critical’ of Trump

CNN’s Jim Sciutto, Poppy Harlow Host Their Show From NYC Streets After Evacuating Studio

WATCH: CNN Anchors Evacuate Mid-Broadcast After Suspicious Package Discovered in HQ

WATCH: CNN’s Poppy Harlow and Jim Sciutto Read Out Jamal Khashoggi’s Entire Washington Post Op-Ed on Air

Jim Sciutto to Join Poppy Harlow as Co-Anchor of CNN Newsroom

WATCH: CNN’s Poppy Harlow Omits Crucial Info in Misleading Defense of Serena Williams

Mediaite Presents Our Ranking of The Best Cable News Shows, Hour-By-Hour: 10-Noon.

Mediaite Presents Our Ranking of The Best Cable News Shows, Hour-By-Hour: 9 A.M.

WATCH: Rick Santorum Hilariously Derails CNN Segment by Mishearing the Word ‘Tariffs’

CNN Effusively Praises Fox’s Chris Wallace for his Putin Interview: ‘A Master Class’

CNN’s Poppy Harlow Claps Back at Trump Slamming ‘Fake News’ Summit Critics: ‘Here’s a Fact…’

Political Wunderkind Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Calls For Trump Impeachment on CNN

Tom Arnold on CNN: I Would Bet the Pee Tape is Real

Tom Arnold’s CNN Interview is a Mind-Boggling Trainwreck: ‘I Am Not F-ing Around’

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