Colbert Asks ‘Where The Hell’ is Melania Trump?: ‘This is Just Weird’


On Monday night, Stephen Colbert tackled the question he says is on “everyone’s mind.”

“Where the hell is Melania?!?” Colbert teased before the first commercial break.

The Late Show host told his audience that as of the taping, First Lady Melania Trump has not been seen by the public in 25 days.

“Well I’m not surprised,” Colbert reacted. “It took that Shawshank guy years to tunnel out.”

Colbert explained that the First Lady underwent kidney surgery last month how everyone was told that she was fine, but mocked her return home to the White House when President Trump accidentally called her “Melanie” in a tweet.

“Awkward!” Colbert exclaimed. “Could you imagine if he called her the wrong name in bed? She might hear it from down the hall!”

He then read the tweet Melania Trump made to assure the media that she’s at the White House.

“Okay, I have my doubts that Melania wrote that. For one thing, Michelle Obama never said it in a speech,” Colbert quipped. “This– this is just weird. We’re used to our First Ladies being out and about. Nancy Reagan was always out there telling kids to ‘Just Say No.’ Michelle Obama would sometimes just show up into people’s living rooms and tell them to drop and give her 20. And even Martha Washington had more pictures of herself- and remember, back then, the paparazzi back then were oil painters!”

Colbert acknowledged that Melania Trump was suppose to “reemerge” at a White House event that was closed off to the press, but show an official photo of her that the White House released… it was a broom with a pair of googly eyes and lips.

“I gotta say, she cleans up nice,” Colbert joked.

Watch the clip above, via CBS.

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