Colbert Slams Former CBS Colleague Charlie Rose: ‘It’s a Harrowing and Terrible Abuse of Power’


On Tuesday night, Stephen Colbert addressed the controversy that hit his network this week with the recent sexual harassment allegations of Charlie Rose.

Colbert informed his audience that Rose was fired from CBS because what he was being accused of was “disturbing and strange.” Among the lewd phone calls, groping, and nudity, he also pointed out that Rose gave unwanted shoulder rubs, something his employees referred to as “the crusty paw.”

“And you may make three wishes upon the accursed paw, all of which are… to not get a back rub from Charlie Rose,” he quipped

The Late Show host joked that these allegations from The Charlie Rose Show made it the biggest scandal at PBS “since it was revealed that PBS is short for ‘pubes.'”

Colbert later pulled an excerpt from the Washington Post bombshell that had one accuser claim that she was invited to his beach house changed out of his wet clothes and into a bathrobe wearing nothing underneath.

“What is it with the robes?!?” Colbert exclaimed. “First [Bill] Cosby, then [Harvey] Weinstein, now Charlie Rose. Who’s next? Yoda?!?”

He went on to call Rose’s action a “harrowing and terrible abuse of power” and that what happened to these women and their careers was “horrifying.”

Later on in the show, Colbert interviewed Rose’s former colleague Gayle King, who co-hosted CBS This Morning together until his firing. They made it clear that her interview was scheduled weeks ago and King told Colbert that she almost canceled.

Watch the clip above, via CBS.


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