Corey Lewandowski: Trump Is ‘Greatest Communicator We Have Ever Seen’


Move over Ronald Reagan, there is a new “great communicator” in the White House.

Former President Ronald Reagan was called the “Great Communicator” because of his ability to make powerful speeches and inspire people with his words. He was particularly skilled at articulating his message and explaining his ideas in a clear and direct way.

Donald Trump does not exactly fit that same description, but according to former Trump campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, the President may be “the greatest communicator we have ever seen” in politics.

With all the drama surrounding the recent shakeup in White House personnel, Lewandowski appeared on Fox News Specialists today and insisted that the obsession with the administration’s rotating cast is over exaggerated.

The addition of Gen. John Kelly as the new Chief of Staff is not as significant as some may think because, according to Lewandowski, it is Trump who ultimately makes the final decisions.

“You have to let Trump be Trump,” Lewandowski said.

“Anybody who thinks they are gonna change the President is not going to because he is the greatest communicator we have ever seen as an elected official. There is no question about it.”

The President, and only the President, is the one who drove his campaign and the message behind it, Lewandowski believes.

“Anybody who thinks they were successful and caused him to be successful is naive,” he said.

“This campaign was 99.9% Donald Trump and everybody else had a 0.1% role in it.”

“He was the messenger that the American people wanted.”

Whether Donald Trump is the greatest communicator in history is debatable. But he is certainly the most innovative and unique communicator to ever occupy the oval office.

Whatever opinion one has of the communication skills and delivery techniques of Donald Trump, it is difficult to argue with his results.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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