Don Jr. Accuses Instagram of Anti-Trump Conspiracy: ‘It Feels Like a Dry Run’ For 2020


Donald Trump Jr. accused social media platforms of suppressing his followers during an appearance on Fox & Friends Monday morning, suggesting it was part of a big tech conspiracy to censor conservatives ahead of the 2020 election.

President Donald Trump‘s adult son was on the Fox News morning show to talk about his op-ed, for RealClearPolitics, that accused Instagram of deleting a post of his on actor Jussie Smollett for political reasons. After the post was deleted, Don Jr. said users messaged him to say they could no longer interact with his account. Instagram said in a statement that the issue was a bug that affected a “large number of people regardless of who they like or follow.”

Don Jr.’s Instagram post about Smollett mocked the actor’s story that he was attacked by two Trump supporters on a winter night in downtown Chicago.

“If they wore a MAGA hat in downtown Chicago they probably wouldn’t last too long, ok? Two seconds until you get shot,” Don Jr. explained on Fox & Friends.

Don Jr. went on to say that users messaged him to claim Instagram locked them out of their accounts for attempting to like his Twitter posts (Twitter and Instagram are different platforms).

“I had one week this summer, I called it out, I had something like 10 million organic impressions, and zero new followers. It’s statistically impossible,” Don Jr. said. “It feels like it’s a dry run, where they’re trying to suppress any kind of right-wing message, any kind of conservative message for 2020. I mean they’re just setting it up. They’re seeing how far they can get away.”

“They’re doing it already,” added Fox & Friends host Ainsley Earhardt.

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