‘Fascinating’: Fox’s Faulkner Lets Mo Brooks Slide for Alleging ‘Overwhelming’ Evidence of ‘Election Theft’ and Providing None


Fox News anchor Harris Faulkner offered little challenge to Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) on Monday as he presented a litany of evidence-free claims that the 2020 election was “stolen.”

Faulkner spoke to Brooks on Outnumbered Overtime about his plan to challenge the Electoral College next week when it certifies the 2020 results for Congress. This follows a month of setbacks for President Donald Trump’s legal team, which has failed repeatedly in court to present evidence the election was sabotaged by voter fraud to the benefit of Joe Biden.

When Faulkner asked Brooks why he’s launching his upcoming challenge, he said bluntly, “Because the election is being stolen.”

He continued:

We should do everything we possibly can to prevent election theft and voter fraud. To me, from where I sit and the information I have at hand, the evidence is overwhelming that if only lawful votes cast by eligible American citizens were counted, then Donald Trump won the electoral college and hence would’ve prevailed for a second term as president of the united States.

Faulkner seemed to mix up Alabama for Georgia when she said the state “certified the election” for Biden last month, and asked Brooks how he plans to move forward with his challenge. Brooks responded by slamming the “badly flawed” election systems in multiple states, and said his plan was to dispute electoral college votes from states Trump lost.

“Only when the United States Congress accepts those certifications are those submissions of Electoral College votes binding on the United States government,” Brooks said. “If we choose to reject them or any one of them, then they do not count towards that candidate’s total in the Electoral College.”

Now, presented with the wild claim that the election was stolen, Faulkner had a few options: A) call for Brooks to produce his evidence, B) ask further questions to glean the information on which he is basing his assertion, or C) accept his very serious claims without verification. The Fox host chose Option C, calling Brooks’ remarks “fascinating” because he’s “following that trail to see what’s broken or irregular.”

Again, more than a month after the election there exists no proof of voter fraud at a big enough scale to have altered the results of the general election. Rather than point that out, Faulkner twice complimented Brooks’ outlandish claims as “fascinating.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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