Mo Brooks

Scorned Mo Brooks Continues to Pine for Trump Endorsement With New Campaign Ad

Coulter: Trump’s Endorsement of Luther Strange ‘Completely Idiotic,’ Support Mo Brooks Instead

Scorned Senate Candidate Mo Brooks Begs Donald Trump to Reconsider Endorsement of Campaign Rival

GOP Rep. Mo Brooks Calls For Mitch McConnell’s Ouster After Health Care Implosion

Mo Brooks Offers to Drop Out of Alabama Senate Race So Sessions Can Be a Senator Again

Republican’s Election Ad Invokes GOP Baseball Shooting; Scalise Chief-of-Staff Blasts as Stomach Turning

Scalise ‘Dragging His Body’ to Escape: Mo Brooks Gives Harrowing Account of Shooting

GOP Rep. Responds to Chelsea Clinton: Maybe She Wants to Run for Office to ‘Do Better Than Her Mommy’

‘Deport the Illegal Aliens’: GOP Rep. Presents Solution to Make Healthcare More Affordable

‘This Bill is a Lump of Coal’: GOP Congressman Rips ‘Disastrous’ Republican Healthcare Bill

WaPo Fact-Checker Responds After GOP Rep. Slams the Paper’s ‘Fake News’

Mo Brooks: Democrats Accusing Jeff Sessions of Racism Are Waging ‘War on Whites’

GOP Rep.: Can We ‘Name One Voter’ Who Changed Their Mind as a Result of Russian Interference?

Alabama Rep Says Muslims in US Would ‘Kill Every Homosexual’ If They Could

GOP Rep. Won’t Endorse Trump Because He’s ‘Serial Adulterer’

GOP Congressman: Obama Is America’s Most ‘Racially Divisive’ President Since Civil War

The One Law Democrats Could Write to End Gun Violence

Republican Congressman Tells Chris Hayes Law-Abiding Gun Owners Pose ‘Risk’

GOP Congressman Brooks: Syrian Refugees Only Want a ‘Paid Vacation’ in America

Meet the Republican Congressman Already Planning Hillary Clinton’s Impeachment

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