Harris Faulkner

Mexican Druglord El Chapo Found Guilty on All 10 Counts

Kellyanne Conway Corrects Fox News Reporter John Roberts: Trump is ‘Not Being Vicious Toward’ Pelosi

Dem Congressman: ‘Absurd’ to Hold State of the Union Address During Shutdown

Fox Anchor Harris Faulkner Asks Tim Scott’s Reaction to Steve King’s ‘Racist’ Comments: ‘As a Person of Color…’

Fox News Panel Bizarrely Decides ‘Filthy’ NYC is ‘More Dangerous Than Ever’, Ignoring Record Low Crime

Eric Swalwell, Harris Faulkner Lock Horns in Heated Immigration Interview: ‘The President is the Problem Here’

Fox’s Faulkner Confronts Kellyanne on Trump Campaign Fundraising Off Oval Speech: ‘I Thought These Weren’t Political?’

Fox News’ Harris Faulkner Calls Out Kellyanne Conway for Comment About Deaths of Migrant Children

Fox News’ Napolitano: Mueller Doesn’t Have to Share Report With Team Trump, I Wouldn’t Let Them ‘Edit My Work’

Harris Faulkner Confronts Liberal Co-Host Over Democrats Using Profanity: ‘What is it With Your Party?!’

Rep. Matt Gaetz Predicts Trump Son-in-Law Jared Kushner Will Be the Next White House Chief of Staff

Ari Fleischer Defends Trump’s National Enquirer Hush Money Scandal by Bringing Up Benghazi

S.E. Cupp Lights Fire to Harris Faulkner’s Interview With Trump: ‘It Wasn’t Journalism,’ It Was ‘An Infomercial’

Fox’s Harris Faulkner Panned for Softball Questions in Trump Interview: ‘A Cute Attempt at Journalism’

Harris Faulkner Questions Trump: ‘Why Did You Hire Michael Cohen??’

Trump Brings Printed Out Articles About Hush Money Payments to Fox Interview: ‘I Don’t Think We Made a Payment’

Trump Accuses Fox News of Giving Him ‘Bad Polls,’ Harris Faulkner Protests: ‘There’s Positive News’ Here

Fox’s Outnumbered Goes Off the Rails: ‘Give Me One’ Example of Gov’t Transparency, ‘Give Me One!’

Fox News’ Harris Faulkner: When Did James Comey Become ‘Such a Staunch Democrat?’

Fox News Guest: Trump Is ‘Playing 3-D Chess With A Rubik’s Cube Behind His Back’

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