Fox Business’ Definition Of Business News: Cee Lo Green And Fancy Hats?


We’re in the midst of earnings season, folks, with lots of financial news to discuss (read: Zzzzzzz), and so it would make sense that the newly-restructured Fox Business Network would be on that like white-on-rice.

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But we noticed last week that while business news competitor CNBC covered business-y things like the Berkshire Hathaway shareholder meeting and conducted interviews with the likes of business magnates Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, and Charlie Munger, FBN opted for a hard-hitting business segment on…Kentucky Derby fashion, with reporter Lauren Simonetti donning a gigantic fancy hat and reporting on the hottest cocktail trends at the racetrack.

For comparison, here’s what CNBC had airing last Friday afternoon: Charlie Munger talking about serious business:

And here’s what FBN aired at the same exact time:

Of course, Friday is Funday, so we could give FBN a free pass. But then yesterday, FBN aired a segment with singer Cee Lo Green, accompanied by his cat Perfect (or Purrfect?), to discuss his new Meow Mix commercial, because…that’s business news?

You may recall that FBN recently canceled it’s entire primetime lineup (save for Dobbs and Stossel) in an attempt to re-bill the network as more “business-oriented.” Even though we’ll admit the Cee Lo and fancy hat segments were entertaining, they prompt the question of how, really, is this even remotely considered “business news.”

To their credit, however, FBN did scrap Imus in the Morning today to air a special report on JPMorgan’s $2 billion (Yes, billion. With a B!) trading loss disclosure.

And, to be even fairer, CNBC also does sometimes air questionable programming (see: last Friday’s housing market interview with…Vanilla Ice, who does, to be even fairer, star in a show about renovating a house). But… CNBC never gutted their entire primetime lineup in an effort to be taken more seriously by the business news-consuming viewers.

Anyway…the video you really wanted to see is below. Cee Lo. Kitties. Meow Mix. BUSINESS:

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