Cee-Lo Green

Military Base Calls Off Cee Lo Green Concert over Rape Tweets

Cee Lo Green Apologizes for Rape Tweets ‘Attributed to Me’

NBC’s The Voice Opens Season Finale With Touching Tribute Performance For Sandy Hook Shooting Victims

Animal Rights Group Demands Cee Lo Green Put Away His Cockatoo

Fox Business’ Definition Of Business News: Cee Lo Green And Fancy Hats?

Newt Gingrich Informs Us That The Latest Person We Should All Be Outraged At Is Robert De Niro

Rush Limbaugh Shocked That ‘Mr. Civility’ Obama Had Cee Lo Green Sing ‘F*ck You’

Cee Lo Green Performs ‘F*ck You’ Uncensored, Gives Finger At Obama Fundraiser

Cee Lo Green Labels Mitt Romney A ‘Terrible Singer’ In Late Show Top Ten

This 30 Rock Webisode Is Better Than Most Things On Actual TV

Cee Lo, Puppets And Gwyeth Paltrow Impossibly Add Up To Grammy Gold

Colbert Persuades Cee-Lo To Change Lyric From “F*ck You” To “Fox News”

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