FBN’s Lou Dobbs Tonight Celebrates One Year Anniversary With Ratings High

Financial news host Lou Dobbs is celebrating the one year anniversary of his Fox Business Network program Lou Dobbs Tonight. His present? The fact that March has seen the show experience its best ratings since launch.

This month, Lou Dobbs Tonight garnered an average of 150,000 total viewers, with 40,000 viewers in the ever-coveted 25-54 demo. To put that in perspective, the show’s competition at CNBC, The Kudlow Report, pulled an average of 177,000 total viewers and 44,000 in demo despite being in roughly twice as many home as Fox Business Network. And, for the second time this month, Dobbs bested Kudlow for the week in the demo, with 49,000 compared to Kudlow’s 43,000.

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Dobb’s growing viewership, then, is a boon for the four-year-old business and finance-focused network, not to mention a feather in Dobbs’ cap given his decision to stake a claim at a new network after a nearly thirty year span at CNN.

Below, have a look at Dobb’s new “Chalk-Talk” segment, via Fox Business Network. Here, Dobbs offers his analysis of the national debt and Sen. Paul Ryan‘s plan to balance the budget:

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