Florida Reporter Doused With Water While Trying To Interview Politician

Reporting on politics comes with a number of hazards, chasing after reluctant interviewees being one of them… particularly if those interviewees happen to be wielding giant buckets of water with little to no regard for your clothing, camera-ready hair, or the fact that you’re carrying a live mic. This is what happened to Emmy-winning, Miami-based senior political television reporter Michael Putney last Wednesday when he attempted to interview Justin Lamar Sternad, who ran in the Democratic primary in Florida’s 25th congressional district to accusations that he was a “ringer” candidate.

A sign on the politician’s door warned inquisitive reporters that they will indeed “get wet,” citing the family’s “5 small children.” And that’s exactly what happened: As soon as the door opened and Putney identified himself, he was met with a torrent of water reportedly tossed out by the politician’s wife.

Have a look at what happened, via South Florida’s local ABC affiliate:

h/t YouTube

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