Former FBI Investigator Rebuts Trump: White House ‘Severely Limiting’ FBI’s Kavanaugh Probe


Former FBI investigator Frank Figliuzzi accused the White House of “severely” limiting the FBI’s probe into Supreme Court justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh and the misconduct allegations leveled against him.

“It’s not the [one week] time limit that’s troubling me the most, Joe,” Figliuzzi said on Morning Joe today. “The thing that’s really bothering me — two things really — is the incredible constraints that are being put on the FBI by the White House.”

He continued:

“The assumption that the FBI is going to have free reign within what they’ve beens tasked to do. Look at Ramirez, you make an assumption you’re going to interview all of the witnesses to the Ramirez incident, you’re going to run down every name she provides you, you’re going to go to Yale and find people who were living in the dorm at the time. That’s not happening. The FBI is not only dictating who you can interview, but also what investigative steps you can take within that allegation.”

Figliuzzi added that he has heard the FBI will not even interview Christine Blasey Ford, Kavanaugh’s first accuser who testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee about the allegations last Thursday.

“Do you have inside information that the rest of us don’t have or is this more of a question of transparency?” Host Joe Scarborough asked.

“I am here sitting here this morning telling you they are severely limited and I know they are and I know there’s frustration and I know that the bureau is going to have to come back for every request that they want to add to a very, very short list,” Figliuzzi replied. “The FBI has been handcuffed and the clock is ticking on this artificial one-week deadline.”

The ex-investigator added that this information is based on his own sources at the bureau.

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