Fox & Friends Guests Brawl Over Stormy Daniels Claims: ‘The President Has No Morality’


Fox & Friends had on Jessica Tarlov and Kayleigh McEnany Tuesday morning for a contentious showdown over whether President Donald Trump had an affair with former porn star Stormy Daniels.

McEnany, a GOP spokesperson, kicked things off by declaring that “the media’s goal is to distract and destroy this president.”

After that candid insight, Tarlov, a Democratic strategist now head of research at Bustle, argued the Stormy Daniels story isn’t just about Trump having an affair with a porn star, but also about the hush money she was paid weeks before the election.

McEnany fired back by arguing that “the accusations are ridiculous,” pointing out that Daniels previously signed statements claiming the affair with Trump did not happen. McEnany also argued that former President Bill Clinton’s accusers got little media coverage — to which Tarlov pointed out that Kathleen Willey had her own 60 Minutes interview.

“Kayleigh do you think that the president slept with Stormy Daniels in 2006?” Tarlov asked.

“No, the president has denied these allegations,” McEnany shot back.

After the two started shouting over each other, host Ainsley Earhardt stepped in with the important question, “Do you think America cares about this kind of stuff?”

The two continued to spar over the merits of Trump’s accusers, before McEnany concluded that “people can’t stand that this president is succeeding, so they have to manufacture stories and put them all over the mainstream media.”

“No, people can’t stand that the president has no morality, that is very different,” Tarlov countered.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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