Fox News Host: ‘The Base Didn’t Believe’ Trump Would Get Mexico to Pay For Wall


During a discussion of President Donald Trump‘s border wall on Fox News’ The Five, Fox News host Tom Shillue suggested that even the president’s base doesn’t really believe that Trump will get Mexico to pay for his wall.

Shillue’s remarks came after one of the panelists noted Trump’s promise was not that taxpayers would pay for the wall, but rather that the people of Mexico would pay for it.

Shillue started by saying that Democrats insisting “well, we’ll wait for Mexico to pay for it,” is a “loser” argument.

Then, after he was reminded that Trump did, in fact, say Mexico would pay for the wall, Shillue said this: “It doesn’t matter [that Trump said it]. The base didn’t believe it anyway. They knew he was going to get the money other ways.”

He added that when he does his radio show, “the callers come in and they all say look, we knew he knew he would find other ways to pay for it.”

He then stressed, though, that knowing Mexico paying for it doesn’t change the fact,”they want construction to start on the wall.”

Watch above, via Fox News

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