Fox News’ Steve Doocy Complains Some People ‘Made a Big Deal’ Over Trump’s Disinfectant Idea — Adds ‘Which Is Poisonous’


President Donald Trump’s riff on curing coronavirus through injections of disinfectants and powerful light sources got a surreal debunking on Fox & Friends, where Steve Doocy complained about people making a “big deal” about it, before casually noting injecting disinfectants are “poisonous.”

For those hoping that some Fox News hosts will step up and debunk Trump’s daily coronavirus stream-of-consciousness, they’ll have to settle for this.

On Friday morning’s edition of Fox & Friends, Trump’s disinfectant rant got scant mention — as part of an introduction to a Dr. Oz segment examining the presentation put on by Acting Homeland Security Under Secretary For Science And Technology William Bryan on the half-life of the coronavirus on surfaces.

It was that presentation which led Trump to ponder the medical possibilities of injectable or ingestible disinfectants on national television, earning him a rebuke from Lysol.

And so it was that Doocy mentioned Trump’s rant, which they did not play on the air. Instead, following a clip of Bryan’s presentation, Doocy told viewers offhandedly that “Some people online have made a big deal out of the president saying they’re looking at light, whether it can do something for somebody on the outside of the body, inside the body, injections of disinfectants,” then threw up his hands and said “which is poisonous.”

But instead of asking his guest to discuss what Trump said, Doocy asked Dr. Oz to comment on Bryan’s presentation.

Dr. Oz — himself no stranger to coronavirus foot-in-mouth disease — praised Bryan’s presentation at length before injecting a tiny oblique bit of Trump debunking himself by correctly noting, of the findings about UV light, that “there’s no evidence you can clear the infection from the body.”

And so it was that on Friday, April 24, Steve Doocy and Dr. Oz joined forces — however reluctantly and fleetingly — with Lysol and established medical science.

Watch the clip above via Fox News.

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