WATCH: Mika Brzezinski Gives Emotional Anti-Fox News Monologue to Introduce Devastating Coronavirus Montage


MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski delivered an emotional monologue begging Fox News to change its coverage of the coronavirus, underscoring it with a devastating Daily Show montage of that coverage to date.

On Friday morning’s edition of MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Brzezinski began by bringing up President Donald Trump’s bonkers Thursday coronavirus briefing, during which he suggested treating patients by injecting them with disinfectants and, somehow, very powerful light.

“So much happened yesterday during that briefing, there was so much to cover, so many different layers of disinformation and undermining of the top scientists of the president’s,” Brzezinski said, then went on to add “We often try and sort of stay away from our colleagues in the business, but Fox News has several puppets for this president constantly going on the air, constantly repeating what he says verbatim, going after his quack ideas of hydroxychloroquine, trying to find quack people to put on the air to try and back up the president’s unimproved claims.”

“And yesterday it might have been too much,” she suggested. “It might have been too much to say that you should inject your body with disinfectant to try and get rid of the virus. Maybe watching the president undermine Dr. Birx and make her feel nauseous in real time as he tries to get her to sort of back up ridiculous claims about disinfectants and light, and she nervously tried to say, well a fever has heat, and perhaps a fever could push away a virus, trying to somehow not back up what he is saying but say something that might make him feel better.”

Brzezinski equated that impulse with Fox News hosts, saying “there are some folks on Fox News that we usually stay away from, who just take these ideas and run with them because it makes Trump happy, because they speak for him, because they speak on a daily basis and get their message straight.”

She read a damning March quote from Sean Hannity in which he referred to concerns over the coronavirus as a “hoax,” then said “We try and stay away from it we try and hope that Fox News will do their best, that there are other hosts on the network that really step up and do the right thing, and we hope that prevails, we hope that goodness prevails and we hope that ability to be objective prevails, and try and put the facts first, but we repeatedly see it not happening on certain shows.”

Brzezinski then observed that on Thursday night, Hannity led his show with a lengthy attack on Joe Scarborough rather than repeat Trump’s newest coronavirus treatment ideas, and said “perhaps it was too tough to take the president’s ridiculous ideas and make them into a reality for his viewers, and put viewers at risk. Perhaps it was even too much for Sean Hannity, so he had to find some sort of foil to go after.”

“It’s just got to stop at some point,” she added, then introduced the Daily Show montage that strung together some pretty incredible clips of Fox News personalities saying ridiculous things about the coronavirus.

Watch the clip above via MSNBC.

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