Steve Doocy

Sarah Sanders Declares Trump Has ‘Absolute Authority’ to Use National Emergency to Fund Border Wall

Fox & Friends Mocks Alexandria Ocasio Cortez for Flying on a Plane: ‘Now She’s a Capitalist On Her Own Time’

Trump Reportedly Ranks All Fox News Anchors For Loyalty: Steve Doocy is a 12 out of 10

Fox & Friends is Adorably Hopeful on Border Wall Deal: I Bet Trump’s ‘Got Something Up His Sleeve…’

Fox News’ Pete Hegseth Praises Maroon 5, But Not For Their Music

Fox & Friends React to Roger Stone Arrest: ‘Where is the Russian Collusion?’

Fact Check: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Appears to Claim Sugarhill Gang For The Bronx

Fox & Friends Explains Reported Concealing of Putin Meeting Notes: Trump ‘Simply Didn’t Like Leaks’

Fox & Friends’ Steve Doocy Hears Trump Will ‘Take Anything in the Twos’ For Border Wall Funding

Trump Promises Fox & Friends Host Steve Doocy He Won’t Cave on the Wall

Brian Kilmeade Gives Reality Check on Trump Emergency Declaration: ‘That Would Be Bad’

With Fuel at $2.25 Per Gallon, Fox & Friends Devotes Segment Encouraging Viewers to ‘Buy a Gas Guzzler!’

Kilmeade Blasts Trump’s Syria Withdrawal: We’re Abandoning Kurds Who are ‘Three Weeks from Total Slaughter’

Fox & Friends Host Steve Doocy: Trump ‘Lost on the Wall’

Fox & Friends Hosts Come Out Swinging With Kellyanne: Trump ‘Has No Leverage’ for Wall

Fox & Friends Does a Number on ‘Disloyal’ Michael Cohen: ‘Why is He Taping’ Trump ‘For Years?!’

Kilmeade Shoots Down Doocy’s Claim Flynn Memo Shows No Collusion: It’s All ‘Redacted!’

Kid Rock on Fox & Friends: We Can Disagree and Still Be Cordial But… ‘Screw That Joy Behar Bitch’

Fox & Friends Defends Trump Media Attacks: He’s Simply Asking Report News the ‘Way I Want it Reported’

Fox & Friends Chides Trump for ‘Enemy of the People’ Media Attacks: It ‘Does a Lot of Damage’

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